International Tron Legacy Poster: Beau Garrett as Jem

A Hungarian movie poster for Disney’s Tron: Legacy has appeared online on, focusing on Beau Garrett‘s character Jem, one of four programs known as Sirens. The Sirens operate the Grid Game armory, equipping combatants with the armor needed to compete in the games. Jem is the lead Siren. Beau told JustJared at Comic-Con that she “felt sexy but also claustrophobic” in the suit.

“It was a very painful process struggling to move for 15 hours straight. But after I put it on, that’s when I knew how my character would move and talk.”

Hit the jump to see the full poster, including a Matrix-looking badly photoshopped Tron city background.

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serinda swan
You can add Model/Smallville gueststar Serinda Swan to the cast of Disney’s Tron 2.0. When casting for the sequel was first announced, the Hollywood tradepapers claimed that Beau Garrett (Rise of the Silver Surfer, Made of Honor) would play a siren and Olivia Wilde (House, The O.C.) would play a worker in the virtual world who tries to help fight Master Control Program. Later in an interview with Sci-Fi, Wilde claimed that the leaked character description was not that accurate:  “I don’t know who made it up. Someone’s grasping for straws there.” But Swan confirms part of the earlier description while talking to TV Guide:

“Yeah. Beau Garrett, these two other actresses and I play temptresses from inside the computer world. We’re sort of the main guy’s go-to girls. There are lights actually sewn into our wardrobe, so it’s like nothing you’ve seen before!”

I’m not sure what to think of the siren/temptresses part, but it’s always interesting to hear about some of the technology they are using to create the film. So far we know that the movie has huge sets and motion capture, incorporating some of the visual effects technology from Benjamin Button, and now… suits with lights sewn into wardrobe (which sounds a little bit like what they did with Dr. Manhattan for Watchmen). Thanks to /Film reader Mark W for the tip.

Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett in TR2N

Turistas stars Olivia Wilde (House, The O.C.) and Beau Garrett (Rise of the Silver Surfer, Made of Honor) have been cast in Disney’s Tron sequel TR2N, which is being directed by commercial turned film director Joseph Kosinski. I am worried about Disney’s initial casting announcements. I’m pretty sure that the stars of Turistas are not the stars geeks were hoping for.

According to THR, Garrett will play a siren and Wilde will play a worker in the virtual world who tries to help fight Master Control Program, who you remember from the original film. Jeff Bridges has already signed on to reprise his role from the first film. The male lead has not yet been cast, but the studio is screen-testing actors as we speak.

Kosinski’s tech demo for the film was fashioned into a teaser trailer which was probably the biggest  buzzed about movie of the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.  According to IMDb, the film is the fourth most searched movie of 2008, above such films as Iron Man, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Cloverfield, and Quantum of Solace. So this could be one of their biggest non family movies in years.

Disney hopes to begin shooting in Spring 2009 using 3D cameras, and the studio is eyeing a 2011 release.

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