At last year’s South by Southwest, one of the most talked about films was A Serbian Film. Directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, it’s about a former Serbian porn star who is seduced back into the business but gets in way over his head. From there, the film goes to some of the deepest, darkest places imaginable: pedophilia, necrophilia and worse. It’s sadistic, incredibly offensive and, looked at in a certain light, highly provocative.

Since the premiere at SXSW, A Serbian Film has been labeled unreleasable in many countries and thereby remained on the festival circuit, mostly in late night programs where it has actually garnered some acclaim. However, the October 2010 screening of the film at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain took the controversy over the top. Subsequent to the screening, a Barcelona prosecutor filed a complaint against festival director Angel Sala accusing him of exhibiting child pornography, and the details of the suit are now emerging. Read More »