Sam Raimi and District 9 producer Bill Block are putting together a Warner Bros. film called EDF, or Earth Defense Force, which explosively details “Earth’s response to an imminent alien invasion.” (And which seemingly isn’t an adaptation of the video game series in which soldiers fight off endless waves of giant insects, despite the fact that film and game share a name. Perhaps that’s for the best, and there’s word that the film’s name could change.)

Initial reports said that a director would be chosen soon; now Taken director Pierre Morel is circling the project. Read More »

Sam Raimi has dealt with ghouls, ghosts, demons and other such undead variants, but now he’s angling to bring extraterrestrials to the big screen, and he’s deep into negotiations with Warner Bros. to help him.

The film is tentatively titled EDF, which stands for “Earth Defense Force”, and deals, appropriately, with “Earth’s response to an imminent alien invasion”. Raimi won’t direct, but will seek out a director shortly. Learn more after the break. Read More »