Mark Millar Netflix

Netflix purchased comic book writer Mark Millar‘s Millarworld company last year, and they’ve already teamed up to release the streaming service’s first comic book, The Magic Order. But Netflix didn’t buy Millar’s company solely to make comic books: they’re in it for that sweet, sweet intellectual property.

The first batch of Millarworld movies and TV shows was announced this morning, and they include movie adaptations of Empress, Huck, and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter and TV series based on American Jesus and Jupiter’s Legacy. Read more about each of these new Mark Millar Netflix projects below.
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super crooks

There are new signs of life for Mark Millar‘s Supercrooks and American Jesus. Over five years ago, Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo became attached to Supercrooks, and he later went on to direct a teaser trailer for the comic book, but we’ve heard little about the film adaptation since then. And even longer ago, Matthew Vaughn was attached to produce American Jesus, as a followup to his successful collaboration with Millar on Kick-Ass. A summer 2009 start date was speculated, but never came to fruition.

Today, there is finally some news for both projects. Waypoint Entertainment has purchased the rights to the two comic book titles. Vigalondo and Vaughn’s names aren’t mentioned in the official press release, so perhaps they’re no longer involved in either project.

Learn more about the potential Mark Millar adaptations below.

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Mark Millar Pushing Through Kick-Ass 2 And More


Most of the key cast members in Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn‘s too-young-to-drink superhero saga Kick-Ass are currently going through those formative years where a sudden Harry Potter-style growth spurt could end up maturing them dramatically almost over night. As such, any sequel to the movie would need to be put on the fast track and, according to Sci Fi Wire‘s new interview with Millar, that’s indeed what is happening. As well as the sequel, Millar also mentioned the planned adaptations of War Heroes and American Jesus. Details after the break.

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american jesus
Earlier today, Mark Millar admitted that he would be moving on from trying to get his Superman pitch off the ground, and now we have some idea why. THR reports that Millar will reteam with his Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn on a live-action big screen adaptation of Millar’s American Jesus comic book. Vaughn is looking to produce the film independently, and they are eyeing a Summer 2009 start.

The comic started as a miniseries titled “Chosen”, and eventually evolved into a trilogy of miniseries retitled “American Jesus”. The second volume, subtitled “The Resurrection”, is due out this Fall. The story follows a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly discovers he’s returned as Jesus Christ. He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk, and, perhaps, even raise the dead! How will he deal with the destiny to lead the world in a conflict thousands of years in the making? Basically, American Jesus is Millar’s re-telling of The Book of Revelation from the Bible, set in contemporary times.

You can read the first full issue for free on Newsarama. The first volume gets released in a 72-page tradepaperback on April 8th, and is available for preorder on Amazon for $9.99.