Drag Me To Hell

Readers of /Film know that I’m a fan of wacky movie theories that make you reevaluate a film in much different light. Sometimes the theories are intended creations of the writer/director behind a film, but most times they are just fun interpretations created by the viewer (like this one). Either way, I always find them interesting and entertaining. Before you read this theory, take a deep breath — no one is saying that Raimi intended this interpretation — it’s meant to be fun.

/Film reader Steve M sent over an interesting theory he read over on IMDB. Micobiella thinks that Sam Raimi‘s Drag Me To Hell isn’t actually a horror movie, but instead a story of a farm girl with an eating disorder, who starves herself to fit a certain image and begins hallucinating and going crazy. Apparently you can watch the entire movie from this viewpoint, with few exceptions, and it all makes sens. Read the theory after the jump. Warning: Spoilers follow.

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