the running man alternate versions

Before Paul Michael Glaser directed The Running Man, four other directors worked on Stephen King‘s big screen adaptation. Here are the three The Running Man alternate versions we almost saw.

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It’s a crazy, mixed up world and we are thankful for movies that offer proof. Slashfilm’s Weekend Weirdness examines such flicks, whether in the form of a New York premiere for a provocative indie, a mini review or an interview.

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Repo Chick Movie Trailer


On the basis of this trailer it would seem that Alex Cox‘s Repo Chick is less a sequel to his well-aged cult fave Repo Man as it is a strange, post-modern collage that simply uses the Repo connection as one more reference point in a tangled constellation. It also seems to be an openly disagreeable work, in many respects, and I certainly can’t see its aesthetic pleasing everybody (read: anybody much). I’d be interested in hearing what side folk fall on after checking it out after the break.

The ‘actual’ sequel to Repo Man was Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday, published as a graphic novel. You can check out a sample for free through Cox’s official site for the project. It’s not too attractively illustrated, unfortunately.

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Last night at the Venice Film Festival, the spiritual sequel to writer/director Alex Cox‘s punk rock, sci-fi cult classic Repo Man, Repo Chick, premiered. Co-produced by David Lynch, the film has loomed with some hesitation in the minds of fans as an oddity, because it was shot almost entirely on green screen using RED cameras and an indie budget. After the jump, we’ll take a look at the first review by Variety, whose reviewer seemed surprised to like it as much as she did, if not as much as the original. I’ve also included photos and videos from the production, and I’ll update in the comments as more reviews come in…

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Alex Cox Versus Universal: Fight!


Yesterday in Page 2 I mentioned that the title of Universal’s Repossession Mambo had been changed to Repo Men, and wondered if fans of Alex Cox‘s awesome Repo Man might be a little irritated. Being in a bit of a rush to put that page together, I didn’t think about how Alex Cox might feel. And the answer is: a little peeved. See, Cox has a new film called Repo Chick that could be hitting soon, and he’s faced a threat from Universal over the title and script. Now that the studio has retitled their film to sound like a sequel to his, things could get nasty. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Alex Cox’s Book X Films

xfilms2If you are a young person who aspires to fire into the world of independent filmmaking, it’s fair to say that Alex Cox’s X Films is requisite reading alongside Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew. While Cox offers no tales herein comparable to selling blood and submitting to medical experiments for quick cash, his book is a similarly candid, casual film-by-film industry document of the nitty gritty American and international underground. And unlike Rodriguez’s famous book (published in 1996), X Films is written by a director whose fuck-Hollywood attitude hasn’t exactly curbed with time.

I read the book in full in three days—it’s super quick—and I was surprised by how humble and enlivened Cox’s voice remains, and by how vividly he remembers all of his productions. The chapter dedicated to the punk sci-fi classic, Repo Man, Cox’s debut studio feature that grows rawer over time like a nuclear sunburn, is my favorite. A few choice excerpts after the jump…

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Repo Man Sequel Starts Filming Next Month

Alex Cox‘s Repo Man sequel Repo Chick is finally going into production next month (January 2009). Production Weekly reports that David Lynch is producing the project.

The original 1984 film told the story of Otto, a newly hired repossession man who goes in search for a mysterious Malibu carrying a high value package which was taken from a government lab and has strange effects on anyone who views it.

Cox has previously said that the follow-up will “unfold against the background of the credit crunch and the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, where repossessions of homes, cars and other forms of property is at a new high. ‘The repo business has expanded to everything from boats, houses, aeroplanes, small nations…children”.

I have included the trailer for the original film below for your viewing pleasure.

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