‘Blade Runner 2049’ Will Get R Rating, Might Get Sequels

Blade Runner 2049 - Ana de Armas and Ryan Gosling

We still have a lot of unanswered questions about Blade Runner 2049, which unveiled its first trailer just yesterday. But director Denis Villeneuve is happy to lay one of your concerns to rest right now: yes, it’ll be rated R, just like the original Blade Runner was. Read his comments on the Blade Runner 2049 R rating below, as well as his thoughts on the possibility of more Blade Runner sequels.  Read More »

A Third Benghazi Movie Is in the Works

Alcon Entertainment

It seems Benghazi is Hollywood’s new favorite hot topic. Alcon Entertainment has put into development Zero Footprint, a new drama about the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Libya. That makes three Benghazi movies in the works at this moment. More on the new Benghazi movie after the jump.  Read More »

Chicken Soup for the Soul

The ’90s are back in a big way, and that means it’s about time for someone to tackle one big of-the-era trend we bet you’d forgotten all about: Chicken Soup for the Soul. Alcon Entertainment has acquired Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen‘s series of inspirational books with the intention of adapting it for the big and small screens.

While TV plans are up in the air right now, the film version is already making progress. Brandon Camp (of the Aaron Eckhart-Jennifer Aniston dud Love Happens) has been tapped to write the screenplay, with Jordan Kerner (The Smurfs) and others producing. More details after the jump. Read More »

As you probably already know, Warner Brothers-based production company Alcon Entertainment recently purchased the rights to make prequels or sequels to the classic 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. They can’t remake the film, thankfully, but they can make films in that world. However, because that world is so revered, the producers have been very open in discussing their plans, trying to ease the minds of fans potentially out for blood.

In one of those discussions with io9, Alcon producer Andrew Kosove was asked who his “pie in the sky” dream director for a prequel would be. His answer was the most obvious, awesome, they’d-never-get-him-in-a-million-years name out there: Christopher Nolan. But maybe that’s not as crazy as you’d think. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Yesterday a minor uproar erupted when plans were revealed for a production company to buy partial rights to Ridley Scott‘s seminal sci-fi film Blade Runner. Not to remake the movie, but to make another film set in that same world — a prequel or a sequel, perhaps, or something related.

Alcon Entertainment (The Blind Side, The Book of Eli) is the company making a move on Blade Runner, and now the company’s founders are talking about why they want the property, and revealing that they haven’t talked to Ridley Scott about their plans. Read More »