The title “Alien Sleeper Cell” conjures up a very specific scenario. Aliens pass for humans and live among us until, triggered by a cataclysmic event, they rise up to take over the humans. Which, actually, sounds a lot like the ABC show V. That’s probably a good thing because any image that title brings to mind is more evocative than the actual information that’s out there for the new project Alien Sleeper Cell.

Concerning “otherworldly beasties” the film is currently in development based on an idea by producer Felipe Linz. It’ll be written by former editor Morgan Davis Foehl and produced by Adrian Askarieh and Bill Block, who produced District 9. Read more about the parties involved after the jump. Read More »

Leonardo Da Vinci

After the success of Guy Ritchie‘s reinvention of Sherlock Holmes, it seems like Warner Bros is digging through the archives for old properties or historical figures that could use a Hollywood tentpole revamp. In recent weeks the studio has announced a big screen adaptation of the popular arcade video game Space Invaders, a Guy Ritchie-directed Star Wars-like version of Arthur’s Excalibur scripted by Warren Ellis, a big screen remake of the 1960’s television series Gilligans Island from the producer of The Dark Knight, an action/adventure take on Marco Polo directed by I Am Legend helmer Francis Lawrence, and an action/sexified adaptation of The Three Musketeers from the producer of Sherlock Holmes.

And tonight it was revealed that WB is looking to turn famed Italian artist/inventor/engineer/architect Leonardo Da Vinci into an action/adventure hero. The treatment was penned by producer Adrian Askarieh. The studio is searching for a screenwriter to turn the idea into a fleshed out screenplay.

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Producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter have been discussing their various in-development videogame movies, giving very candid status updates and even the odd bit of surprising news. Perhaps the biggest single headline would be the signing of Bruce Willis for a Kane and Lynch movie. If you don’t know the game and can’t make and educated guess but are still somehow curious, he’d be the titular Kane.

In Summer of 2008, it was reported that Willis was in negotiations and Russ noted that he was still attached a few months ago. This latest break sounds somewhat more solid.

More on that, and a good handful of other bits and pieces after the break.

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