Two Mothers

It’s not an exaggeration to say that movie ticket prices cost more than ever nowadays. The average cost of admission hit an all-time high of $8.38 in 2013, up from $7.96 a year ago. And that’s just the national average, mind you. In New York, where I live, a ticket to an IMAX 3D film costs over $20 a person.

Meanwhile, our at-home options have been getting better and better. Not only is the technology itself improving, the selection is getting wider and more varied as well. Where it was once unthinkable for a DVD to hit just a few weeks after the film’s theatrical opening, it’s not uncommon in 2013 to see smaller films released on VOD before they make their way to the cinema.

Studios have taken note of this shift in movie viewing patterns, and are increasingly trying to run with it. Paramount Pictures, for one, is stocking up on indies that can hit theaters and VOD simultaneously. Their first day-and-date release will be Adore, the romantic drama previously titled Two Mothers. More after the jump.

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