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Writer/director Shane Carruth has only directed two films in the past sixteen years: his breakout time travel movie Primer in 2004, and the cerebral drama Upstream Color in 2013. He’s previously teased other projects that never came to pass, and now he’s shared a pitch trailer for one of those potential features, titled A Topiary. But Carruth warns that this could get wiped from the internet soon since he utilizes unlicensed footage from other movies, so watch it quickly before it disappears. Read More »

In just a few days we’ll get to see the premiere of Shane Carruth‘s new film, Upstream Color, at Sundance. It won’t be too long afterward that Carruth will distribute the film himself, staring in New York and rolling out to some other cities, and digital platforms. And he’s even got a new film, The Modern Ocean, planned to shoot this summer. A near-decade away from the film scene, and now the man is back in a big way.

To enhance your interest in Upstream Color, here’s the first full-length trailer, which offers slightly more clues to the story, but ultimately raises more questions. In truth I’m trying not to delve too deeply into this trailer, in favor of waiting for the full film. But the images here are enticing, and mysterious enough that I think they’ll make exactly the right audience even more interested in the movie. Read More »

If you’re a fan of Shane Carruth‘s one and only and wonderful movie Primer, this photo should put a spring in your step. If you’ve never seen Primer, I suggest checking it out, then looping back here to this post to begin again.

So this is Shane Carruth, aka the writer, director and star of Primer, on the set of Rian Johnson‘s new film Looper. It’s one of the very few images of the director we’ve seen in some time. In September 2009, Rian Johnson said, “Shane is alive and well and has a mind-blowing sci-fi script. Let’s all pray to the movie-gods that he gets it made soon.” That script is A Topiary, for which a teaser website went up last year, but funding is reportedly thin.

Now Shane Carruth is working on Looper, and Badass Digest got confirmation that he’s doing “some effects for the time travel sequences.” Given that Primer is one of the best time travel films ever made, with some great home-made effects, and Looper is a promising time-travel movie from the talented Rian Johnson, it seems that things are coming together nicely. Now let’s get A Topiary funded. Please. [LooperMovie]

A Topiary

Shane Carruth‘s Primer is one of the movies that completely blew my mind. It was my first time at the Sundance Film Festival, and I was working as a volunteer. I had heard about this film which was made for next to nothing ($7,000) which had something to do with time travel (one of my favorite story devices). I’ll admit, I wasn’t even sure I liked the film the first time I saw it, but I knew I had seen something special. Like many others, it took a couple more viewings of the film before I could even understand the timelines completely. I dragged my friends into Boston when it came around with the Boston Film Festival, and eventually bought it on DVD (where I would loan it out systematically to friends). Basically, if you haven’t seen the movie, seek it out.

Carruth not only wrote and directed Primer, but edited, produced, composed the score as well as handled both the production and sound design of the film. So what has Carruth been up to since the 2004 Sundance Film Festival? Good question. IMDb lists no credits, and all I had heard about the man was an update from Brick director Rian Johnson, who sent out a tweet claiming that that “Shane is alive and well and has a mind-blowing sci-fi script. Let’s all pray to the movie-gods that he gets it made soon.” io9 discovered a webpage for Carruth’s next project bearing a cryptic message. If you go to ATopiary.com, it reads “Over and over you have been promised ADVENTURE but have not found it.” Weird, huh? Now we have even more information about the film’s plot.
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