A Private War Criticisms

“I want people to know your story.”

A Private War recognizes, in words, Marie Colvin’s ethos right from the get-go. Her mission, first and foremost, was to speak truth to power, unearthing the horrors bequeathed to civilians by leaders and governments. Rosamund Pike, who plays her in the film, repeats this mantra frequently, stressing the importance of telling individual stories from the world’s war-torn regions. Men buried in secret for decades (“Uncovered: the secret grave of 600 murdered Kuwaitis”); women sheltering their children from bombs (“Final dispatch from Homs, the battered city”); the drivers and translators who die while helping journalists write the rough draft of history (“Our mission is to report these horrors of war with accuracy and without prejudice”) and so on.

And while the film understands what Colvin stood for, its focus is so narrow that it ends up a disservice to her regardless.

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a private war trailer

Rosamund Pike should have been launched to stardom following her chilling role in 2014’s Gone Girl, for which she received an Oscar nod. But alas, life is unfair and that didn’t happen. But four years later, Pike stars in A Private War, the gritty biopic about renowned war correspondent Marie Colvin. Could this be the role that finally earns Pike her place as a bonafide movie star? We’ll have to wait and see.

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