Dropping temperatures and the tenth page of the calendar means it’s October. October means Halloween and Halloween means scary movies. And while movies like The Thing and Paranormal Activity 3 are in theaters, this October there’s even more news about horror movies coming in the future. After the jump, we’ve got into on the following:

  • Troma will make their next movie, Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part IV, in Spain and you can be a producer.
  • Fellow movie blog Bloody Disgusting is now making movies and their next film is an anthology called V/H/S featuring segments by Adam Wingard (You’re Next), Ti West (The Innkeepers) and more.
  • A new trailer for Saw II-IV director Darren Lynn Bousman‘s upcoming horror film 11-11-11 (above) has been released and it will be out November 11.

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While the first two teaser trailers for Darren Lynn Bousman‘s upcoming thriller 11-11-11 focused on the scares, this new trailer highlights the story. That story is about an author (played by Timothy Gibbs) who heads to Barcelona to reunite with his family after a tragic event. Once there, he begins to fully explore how the number “11” is consistently a piece of events in his life. Seeking council within the church, he finds out that, if someone is trying to tell him something, it’s not a good thing. Oh, and look at the calendar. Guess what date tomorrow is? That’s right November 11, 2011. That’s also the planned release date for the film, though Bousman is still seeking U.S. distribution and he’ll have to go up against Tarsem’s Immortals. Check out the new trailer after the jump. Read More »

Darren Bousman’s ’11-11-11′ Teaser Trailer

While we have no idea when Darren Lynn Bousman‘s latest film Mother’s Day will be released, there’s no doubt about his next one. The movie whose title is its release date, 11-11-11, just finished shooting and is currently in post-production. Though the apocalyptic, psychological thriller about the numbers 11:11 has yet to find domestic distribution, it shouldn’t be too difficult considering the built in release date, a complete lack of new horror films coming out after Halloween and this awesome teaser trailer. Check it out after the break. Read More »

Director Darren Lynn Bousman is still shooting his upcoming horror/thriller 11-11-11 but this weekend, not only did the film already sell to a bunch of foreign markets, Bousman crafted a creepy little teaser trailer that hints at the madness we can expect from the mind of the man behind Saw II, III, IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Read about the sales, check out some new images and, more importantly, watch the trailer after the break. Read More »

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In the last two weeks, everyone was talk about the number one. We had 1-1-11 and then 1-11-11 but really, it’s all about 11-11-11. That’s when the unique repetition of the number 1 reaches its full potential and the director of Saw II-IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera and Mother’s Day is capitalizing. Darren Lynn Bousman is currently in Barcelona, Spain getting ready to shoot his upcoming horror thriller 11-11-11 and he’s just announced a cast full of relative unknowns, plus some moody concept art, intended to amp up the scares. Read who is in the film, see some of the art and refresh yourself with a plot description after the break. Read More »

Director Darren Lynn Bousman‘s latest film, Mother’s Day, won’t be released until April 1 (though we saw it at Fantastic Fest) but the man behind Saw II, III and IV is just about ready to shoot his follow up. It’s called 11-11-11 and outside of the genre, title and release date, we haven’t really heard much about the movie. Until now. The official website for the film is up giving us our first hints and our friends at Bloody Disgusting have even more details. Check them out after the break. Read More »