What tidbits about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 did James Gunn and Chris Pratt recently discuss? Are there new rumors from the set of Captain America: Civil War? Want to learn a secret you didn’t notice in the Batman v Superman trailer? Who is Martin Freeman‘s character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Have the writers on Arrow and Flash started up again? Do Pym Particles exist in Ant-Man? Which massive Marvel Comics secret has now been revealed? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The Arkham Knight trailers never end, such as this one featuring Harley Quinn.

There seems to be some argument over which Fantastic Four writer first put in Josh Trank‘s idea of Johnny Storm being black.

Marvel Legends Ant-man

New images of Marvel Legends toys have been revealed including this one of Ant-Man. They don’t seem movie specific, except maybe this one.

Apparently there’s some kind of “All New” “All Different” Marvel Universe coming in the comics after Secret Wars.

Fan UltraSargent made this Planet Hulk trailer, which is pretty solid.

A website called We Are Wakanda has a huge post of Captain America: Civil War spoilers/rumors, once of which is about a brand new, very crazy character that might appear in the movie. Beware of spoilers if its true.

Here’s the trailer for Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, which is out in August.

Comic Book Resources noticed that the official Ant-Man website has acknowledged that Pym Particles exist.

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