Total Film did their list of the 20 Most Violent Video Game Characters and, you guessed it, The Punisher is number one.

In addition to buying single issues, the Marvel Comics app will soon be selling collections of comic books and graphic novels to save the reader a few extra bucks. Geeks of Doom reports Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 and Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 are just two of the first collections available.

IGN posted a video recently of Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham City acting all videogame sexy. Well, if you enjoyed that, you’re gonna want to stick around and watch this video for the big reveal. Thanks to Gamma Squad for the heads up.

Mine is Black Mug, what’s yours? Thanks to MemeThings (via The Daily What) for this basic superhero name generator.

Kirsten Dunst spoke to the Herald Scotland about her thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man. Thanks to CBM for the heads up:

It’ll be a fun movie. But it’s weird. Usually it happens when people are much older. I’m only 29! It’s like, ‘We need younger, fresher!’ It’s a totally different take on it. It’s not Mary Jane and Peter. It’s Gwen Stacy and Peter.

This is Bunker, a new member of the Teen Titans and also a gay teenage superhero. Read more about his creation over on Comic Book Resources.


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