Down With Love Ant-Man

Sean Howe pointed out that this scene from Ant-Man director Peyton Reed‘s Down With Love featured an Ant-Man cameo (on the newsstand in the back.)

Find out the titles and directors of the first three episodes of Daredevil.

The Avengers are the cool kids in this Shirtoid shirt. And the Justice League are cool on the other.

Jim Lee talks about the new DC storyline where Superman is a Nazi.

Simpsons Guest Stars

Toy News shows that Stan Lee and Adam West are both joining The Simpsons Guest Star toy line.

Read about more Secret Wars tie ins happening in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Wired posted this video about the effects in Agent Carter.

Film School Rejects somehow learned 22 things from the director’s commentary on the X-Men Origins Wolverine Blu-ray

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