Maybe you can’t have a batcave, but you can have a BatTable. Check out this Batman coffee table from Neatorama (via The Daily What).

Over on IGN, you can read their first impressions on the Thor Blu-ray and its special features, including features it has that tease The Avengers. Sounds like a solid release.

Oh Clark Kent. You will be forever alone. Funny comic find from Buzzfeed.

Want to watch a video of naked Jennifer Lawrence? Of course you do. io9 has a sneak peek at an extra from the X-Men First Class DVD showing the seven-hour process of applying her Mystique makeup. No embed, click the photo above to head to the site.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most influential and revered Batman stories ever, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. /Film reader Sean Hartter made this great poster to commemorate.

JoBlo has an exclusive deleted scene from X-Men: First Class featuring Havoc learning how to harness his power. No embed, head over to the site.

The 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes — powered by

Cracked provides some laughs with their video The 8 Saddest Real World Superheroes.

Back in the 1980, Radio Shack put out a comic book where Superman is teaching school children about computers. Thanks to io9 for finding this gem. Head there to read the whole thing.

Foogos has posted a bunch of pop culture symbols made with food. Above is obviously lime Green Lantern; head to the link to see Batman, Robin and many others. Pretty AND delicious.


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