Alexander Stojanov hand drew this poster for The Dark Knight Rises, inspired by the work of Drew Struzan. I put it on the spoiler page because he chose to put the new Batwing on it.

An extra on The Avengers posted some info on some scenes he witnessed including the first time Loki arrives on earth and a one on one confrontation with Captain America. Head to his blog (via CBM) to read more, but here’s a taste:

We spent most the rest of the night kneeling before Zod… er… Loki. More than kneeling on bricks to make everyone’s joints sore. Despite the kneepads they passed out. But it ended with Evans as Cap giving a nice speech (“The last time I was in Germany…”) and taking on Loki single-handedly. All of us got to run out in chaos just as the rain forced things to a slightly early halt.

BadBitchFilms (via Comic Book Movie) has shot and edited a great look at a scene from The Avengers as Loki apparently terrorizes a German movie premiere. Can anyone translate that marquee?

[No photo]

The Man of Steel Facebook (via CBM) has posted the above photo of what they think is Faora, the female villain in Man of Steel. She seems to be dressed more traditionally instead of a mo-cap suit, though there’s a guy in one of those to her right. Very curious.

[No photo]

Wait, that might be Michael Shannon (or a stunt double) as Zod because in this Man of Steel photo, via Coming Soon, you can see Faora, what we can only assume is a motion capture Zod and Henry Cavill as Superman….whose suit doesn’t have the underwear element. I actually think it looks cooler without it.

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