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What inspired Electro’s power in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Want to see Batman’s ride in The Lego Movie? How did Twitter react to the casting of Wonder Woman? Does Henry Cavill see similarities between Batman and Superman? Did X-Force creator Rob Liefeld like the film’s script? Is there a second screen experience on The Wolverine Blu-ray? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Lego Movie Banner Batman

Check out this new Batman-centric banner for The Lego Movie.

The latest piece on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Daily Bugle Tumblr is with an Oscorp Engineer with a history in the comics.

Logan costume

Film Sketchr posted some alternate costumes of Logan for the early stages of The Wolverine.

X-Force creator Rob Liefeld praised Jeff Wadlow’s script for the film on Twitter.

The Flash pilot casting sheet

Comic Book Movie found a tweet revealing some casting calls for The Flash pilot.

Variety’s write up of the Wonder Woman casting mentioned Flash would be appearing in Batman vs. Superman as well.

Henry Cavill talks about the relationship between Superman and Batman, via CBM.

Speaking to USA Today, Marc Webb spoke a bit about how Electro was filmed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

We shot his exterior and then created a glowing light source that is buried deep within his core that exudes and generates electric light. If you look at a cloud when a thunderstorm is coming and the lightning is within that cloud, we use that as a natural inspiration for the character.

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