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Want to see the first TV spot for Thor: The Dark World? How about some Thor popcorn buckets? What does Chris Pratt see as the future of Guardians of the Galaxy? Is there a trailer for a documentary about Superman Lives? Does Mark Millar think Kick-Ass 3 is coming? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The first commercial for Thor: The Dark World has arrived.

IGN spoke to Chris Pratt on a brief hiatus from shooting Guardians of the Galaxy. He called it “The best movie of the 21st century” and said the following about connecting to the other movies:

What’s nice is that it is all the same universe…Because it falls under the Marvel umbrella, there is the possibility, just like in the comic books, that these stories could intersect… A lot of it’s just going to depend on what people think of the movie and if it makes sense for Marvel to keep making more of them. But I sure hope it does because I’ve never done anything like it. I hope they make ten of them.

Here’s the teaser trailer for the crowdsourced documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? Read more at the Kickstarter.

The New York Times has a great story about an upcoming book detailing behind the scenes drama from Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

Mark Millar told Yahoo he’s still hoping Kick-Ass 3 makes it to the big screen in the next few years.

The Hollywood Reporter has the first four pages of the new comic, Green Arrow: Count Vertigo.

Thor Concessions CBM has some Thor: The Dark World theater swag. (via CBM) has a rumor about a proposed event in Batman vs. Superman.

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