Doodle of Boredom (via Buzzfeed) surmises that the above image “ruins” The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster. I disagree but it’s kind of amusing none the less.

The Muppets continue their parodies of this summer’s superhero movies with this Green Lantern parody trailer. Thanks to First Showing.

We might have taught you 15 new things learned about the new Amazing Spider-Man movie at Comic-Con this year but io9 has the much more revealing list of 10 sexy facts you didn’t know about the Web Slinger. Like that he calls his Aunt the peach of the beach. What a creep.

Iain Heath (via Super Punch) has created these gorgeous looking Lego versions of Kick Ass and Hit Girl. Visit the site for more information.

Comic Book Resources talked to Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Queseda for an extended period of time and he spoke about Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and more. Check out the video above.

RampagedReality (Via The Daily What) has this cool looking Zombie Batman by artist Tom Lishman.

According to Batman-News, the new Batcave for The Dark Knight Rises is being built on the lot at MGM Studios in California.

Joss Whedon talks about how things are going on The Avengers to MTV News. No real updates, but passion a plenty.

At Comic Con, Tom Hardy spoke to Hitfix about playing the villain in The Dark Knight Rises. He calls the franchise a crowd-pleaser, a Starbucks, and that playing one of the leads is like screaming in an airport:

You deal with something Dark Knight – or ‘Mad Max,’ or ‘Superman’ or ‘Spider-man,’ whatever – it’s like going to work in an airport and going, ‘Hi I’m over here!’ and then everybody goes ‘Oh here’s that, that’s the villain of the piece.’ Then it’s a thousand people going to Duty-Free. Like, [shouting] ‘I AM THE VILLAIN!’ and make a lot of noise. There’s a formula here, you can’t muck around with it. There’s a lot of rules, you’re restrained in many ways as an artist. But then you’re also grateful because of the huge exposure and the paycheck. Or the not-paycheck ‘cause they’re making you a stahhh,” he affects. “Whatever it is, you’re paying an entrance to getting higher exposure. These movies are huge vehicles to make a lot of money… and make a large audience happy. So now you’re at the very top level of trying to bring character work in a boutique way to something that is, y’know, Starbucks.

Sam the Eagle is Captain America: The First Avenger in this poster thanks to Yahoo Movies.

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