Want to catch a glimpse of Deadshot in CW’s Arrow? What are the Target and Best Buy exclusives for The Dark Knight Rises? Has James Gunn begun to discuss casting Guardians of the Galaxy? Are major surprises in store as The Amazing Spider-Man comic book comes to an end? Did Liam Neeson like discussing his cameo in The Dark Knight Rises? What does Adventure Time look like when it stars The Avengers? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

This mashup of Adventure Time and The Avengers was inevitable. Buy at Busted Tees via Shirtoid.

Speaking with Collider, Liam Neeson discussed his Dark Knight Rises cameo and lack of involvement with Mark Millar’s Nemesis.

Comic Book Movie posted these images of the Target exclusive Dark Knight Rises packaging. They also say Best Buy will have a Steelbook with an additional DVD.

Speaking at MorrisonCon in Las Vegas, James Gunn discussed casting Guardians of the Galaxy:

It’s not cast-dependent. We could make the movie with unknowns if we wanted to. I can’t talk too much about this, because Marvel will kill me!

Hi-res versions of all the Thanos materials from The Avengers Blu-ray have been posted on CBM, including this concept art.

Movies.com has a Man of Steel primer article on this history of Lois Lane.

Check out this new featurette for Arrow on The CW.

Superhero Hype posted this first look at Deadshot in Arrow.

A second season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has already been ordered.

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