It’s Bat-eve and, despite the awesome X-Men First Class header, we’ve got lots of Dark Knight Rises in today’s Superhero Bits. Such as, how many midnight screenings are there at local theaters? How much money has the film made before it even opened? What did Christopher Nolan say in regards to the review reactions and Rush Limbaugh controversies? Want to read about the construction of The Bat? Which scene do Nolan and Christian Bale think is the lynchpin of the series? In non-Batman news, what’s the latest on Guillermo Del Toro‘s Hulk TV show? Will Marvel characters appear in Wreck-It Ralph? Should Fox let Daredevil go back to Marvel? All this and much more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Film Drunk has a crazy post with the number of Dark Knight Rises midnight screenings happening tonight at different theaters across the country. Above are the showtimes for the Arclight in Hollywood, CA.

It’s gonna be a big weekend. Deadline is reporting The Dark Knight Rises has sold about $25 million worth of tickets in presale and has an outside shot at beating The Avengers gross. Doesn’t hurt that several theaters will be showing the film non-stop all weekend, says Variety.

Comic book legend Neal Adams reviewed The Dark Knight Rises for the Los Angeles Times, but he might be biased since he drew the image above to give to Christopher Nolan on his birthday one year.

Popular Mechanics did a great article on the construction of The Bat in The Dark Knight Rises.

Conan O’Brien did a new Dark Knight Rises trailer showing how the film could be a total conservative attack. The creator of Bane responded to Rush Limbaugh‘s accusations, though, by explaining he’s a conservative.

Christopher Nolan also responded to both Rush Limbaugh’s Bane comment and the death threats Dark Knight Rises fans have been offering to negative reviews, calling fans “passionate.” thinks the quote is out of context.

Paul Shipper did this great X-Men First Class poster for Planet Pulp.

Christopher Nolan admitted Return of the King was on his mind while making The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to The One Ring.

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