Why is Andrew Garfield carrying around Avengers comics starring Thanos? What is Bruce Wayne‘s response to Lucius Fox’s concerns in The Dark Knight Rises? Which Magic Mike star would love to play Batman? When can you watch The CW’s Arrow? Want to see The Amazing Spider-Man flying around in New York City? And what, exactly, is Bane playing with in The Dark Knight Rises? Read about all of this and more in the 250th edition of Superhero Bits!

Bruce Wayne has responded to Lucius Fox’s letter in this Dark Knight Rises viral at Dew Gotham City (via CBM).

Classic Rock (via CBM) reports Wolfmother is trying to get on the soundtrack to Iron Man 3.

It’s probably nothing but Andrew Garfield was spotted walking around with a bunch of Avengers comics featuring Thanos given to him by an associate producer at Marvel. What does it mean? Will Spidey be in Avengers 2? Thanks to The Daily Mail via Movies.com.

Joe Manganiello spoke to Ain’t It Cool News about missing out on Man of Steel and being very interested in playing a new Batman in a reboot.

Very cool process video of a piece of Dark Knight Rises art by Duks Abii, sped up. Thanks to Nerd Approved.

The Los Angeles Times has a great article on the public awareness of The Dark Knight Rises and how it might affect its opening weekend potential.

Sideshow posted a tease of Hot Toys’ Dark Knight Rises Batman figure. The Joker here is the 2.0 we’ve already posted.

DC Comics announced you can now read their comics on a Barnes and Noble Nook. Thank the maker.

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