What’s the latest Batman Internet meme? Will The Dark Knight Rises be screening at midnight in the UK? Who will Catherine Zeta-Jones be playing in Red 2? Want to watch several featurettes from The Amazing Spider-Man? Does Malcolm McDowell like The Avengers? Is Teen Titans coming back to TV? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The new Twitter icon, when adjusted, looks like Batman, according to Oliver Twardowski via Mashable. It’s a huge meme.

According to Comic Book Movie, there might not be midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises in the UK. Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises in the UK, there’s some weird subliminal advertising going on at that link.

Catherine Zeta-Jones talks about her character in Red 2.

Spoilers from The Dark Knight Rises are out there now, thanks in part to the kids books by Scott Cohn. Head to Bleeding Cool to see some more story specifc images.

Damon Lindelof’s Batman comic is now on sale at Comixology.

Nice Amazing Spider-Man fan poster by John Smith.

Marvel.com has an interview with Lea Thompson talking about Howard the Duck, a true superhero.

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