What did comic book writer Grant Morrison mean when he said Batman is “very, very gay?” How does Robert Downey Jr. feel about the possibilty of someone else playing Tony Stark in Iron Man movies? How long did it take for Christian Bale to read the script to The Dark Knight Rises? Which part of Chronicle includes the seeds to its potential sequel? Is The Avengers making money internationally and how are ticket sales here in the States? Do Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner think they’d return in another Marvel movie? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

MTV talked to Robert Downey Jr. about Iron Man 3 and Kevin Feige’s comments about him possibly being replaced as Tony Stark going forward.

MeMovies (via Comic Book Movie) talked to Max Landis about what we could expect in a sequel to Chronicle:

The movie you saw (Chronicle) in the sequel is a thing. That edited footage is a thing. So it’s not like ‘we found this footage after this kids died’. You can’t deny cars being thrown in the air in Seattle. You saw all those helicopters. The world changed. That’s the end of ‘Chronicle’. And things are going to be different now. They can’t possibly cover up what happened.”

Superhero Hype has a look at this awesome international poster for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Hypable claims to have found the Amazing Spider-Man run time on the official AMC site. It’s rumored to be 91 minutes.

Very cool Sesame Street/Avengers mash-up over at Jack of All Trades via Fashionably Geek.

According to Superhero Hype, The Avengers has almost already made $200 million in international box office.

Check out The Avengers (On a Budget) by Table 8 Productions (via Kotaku). Very funny.

What does The Avengers mean for the rest of comic book movies? Gawker explores the consequences.

Mmmm, toasty. Amazing Spider-Man toaster via Big Bad Toy Store. And if you want to cool down, Spider-Man ice trays available here.

The LA Times has a new feature on The Dark Knight Rises and one of its many highlights is Christian Bale talking about the first time he read the script:

I remember when I first read the script, of course it was all top secret. I went round by Chris’ house, was shut in the room with the script — not allowed to leave with it — and it hit me that this was the last one. What Chris couldn’t believe was how slow I read because I go back and re-read until I have it all in my mind. I was in there six or seven hours. It was dark when I came out. And I was smiling.

Moviefone lists five superhero movies that went against conventions in interesting ways, and sucked anyway.

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