Want to see a few new looks at Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? How about Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man? Which outdoor activity did Russell Crowe and Henry Cavill train for in Man of Steel? Why do male superheroes get such practical costumes but females still have to bear it all? Is there a film critic who absolutely adored Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? Want to hear Karl Urban do the voice of Dredd and read some Hulk dialogue from The Avengers? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Stark Industries (via Comic Book Movie) posted these Dark Knight Rises stickers which reveal a new look at Bane. It’s low-res and obviously drawn, but you get a glimpse of how massive he’s supposed to be.

I thought Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was boring and stupid. Perhaps not surprisingly, however, Armond White loved it! He makes some very interesting arguments in his review here.

Artist Fernacular has created some images that make fun of the fact that male superheroes wear costumes that are useful and females do not. That’s just one image above, Gamma Squad has more.

If you’re a Daredevil fan, this bust is almost a must own. Don’t let Sideshow’s $600 price tag deter you.

Taylor Kitsch told Comic Book Movie that he probably wouldn’t play Gambit again.

Body paint Poison Ivy cosplay by Katrin Unge. Head to WOCC via FG for full body. And yes, I’m aware this is weird juxtaposed with the above bit.

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