Want to see new toys from The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man? How can you help out with the Ghost Rider controversy? What’s the title of the latest Superman DVD movie? Which villain should star in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Is Frankie Muniz really starring in a superhero movie called Pizza Man? How did Tom Hardy describe the first time he stood in front of Batman on the set of The Dark Knight Rises? What kind of scents can be made from The Avengers? Why is Batman standing with Miley Cyrus and a bear above? How does all The Avengers footage available look edited together? And want to see even more superhero toys from Toy Fair? Read about all that and more in today’s MASSIVE Superhero Bits.

Lots of superhero toys this week with Toy Fair 2012 happening in New York. First up, Collider posted this image of Mattel’s version of the Batwing from The Dark Knight Rises. As first reported here several months ago, it’s called The Bat.

We haven’t had a Dark Knight Rises trailer remix in a while and Geek Tyrant points out this one which replaces Bane’s voice with Tom Hardy’s character in Bronson.

Cool Toy Review has an epic gallery of Amazing Spider-Man toys from Toy Fair 2012 including several new looks at The Lizard, above. More Lizard below.

In 1966, Norman Saunders did Batman trading cards and Geek Art has posted a bunch.

The new Action Comics is retelling Superman’s origin but it’s car from the first time. Topless Robot lists the THIRTY best retellings.

Buzzfeed has listed their top ten masks of our time including V for Vendetta. How many are superheroes? Several.

Now that the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out, MTV has started to think about the sequel. What villain should be next?

Kotobukiya does some of the best work in the toy world and they recently revealed their Dark Knight Rises prototype. Thanks to Toy Ark (via CBM).

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