This Superhero Phobias shirt is no longer available but you can vote for it to reappear on Qwertee here. Thanks to Fashionably Geek.

It’sJustSomeRandomGuy posted a bunch of belated Christmas card parodies starring Deadpool.

What Culture tries to argue the fact that Superman Returns doesn’t suck. They do a good job but I’m not convinced.

What happens next? Head to Cowshell Graphics, via Nerd Approved, to see what Supergirl got Batgirl.

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb spoke to Empire (via CBM) about some details in The Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s Stone:

Marc’s a believer in love. And we were lucky to be able to express the authenticity of two people in love. Getting involved with Peter is the first irresponsible thing she’s ever done.

Another Batman tweet from Kevin Smith reveals an animated take on The Dark Knight Rises.

It was bound to happen. The Dark Knight Rises trailer. With Cats. By The Trailer Cats. Via Daily What.

This would look gorgeous in anyone’s house. It’s a Marvel Comics Mural via Mural Superstore thanks to The Awesomer.

[Image removed at the request of DC.]

As promised, here’s Nite Owl from the upcoming Watchmen prequel thanks to Bleeding Cool.

A fan made Dark Knight Rises TV spot via Comic Book Movie.

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