Want to watch Scarlett Johansson talking about The Avengers? How about Hans Zimmer talking about The Dark Knight Rises score? Care to listen to The Amazing Spider-Man score? How is Christian Bale acting as Batman now that he’s hung up the cowl? How is Dredd looking? What happens when you blend Venom and Iron Man or put Adam West in The Dark Knight? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Hans Zimmer talks to MTV about scoring The Dark Knight Rises. Yes and more yes.

The new issue of Empire has a ton of new superhero photos including this one above from Dredd. There are some new, but non-as-exciting, Amazing Spider-Man ones too over at CBM and Live For Films. There’s a more spoilerish one below.

io9 poses the argument that the CBS TV show Person of Interest, executive produced by Jonathan Nolan, is a “superhero show done right.”

We’ve posted some of Marko Manev‘s minimalist art in the past, but Geek Tyrant has now found a bunch more, mostly X-Men themed, stuff.

Want to attend the world premiere of The Avengers, meet Mark Ruffalo and help a worthy cause? Comic Book Movie has the details how you can bid on the trip.

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