What kind of goodies were handed out at the early screening of The Dark Knight Rises prologue Tuesday night? How much does Emma Stone love the character of Gwen Stacy she’s playing in The Amazing Spider-Man? Which director has reportedly emerged as a favorite to direct Thor 2? What do the Alamo Drafthouse and Marvel have in common? How are superheroes helping battle Breast Cancer? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The Alamo Drafthouse in Houston is hosting a Marvel themed event January 11 centered on the Scarlet Spider. Get all the info right here.

Moviefone lists the 9 things they learned from The Dark Knight Rises prologue.

The CopyRanter, via Daily What, posted a bunch of Breast Cancer Awareness ads featuring female superheroes like Wonder Woman.

Emma Stone spoke in depth to The Vancouver Sun (via MTV) about her love of Gwen Stacy and her arc in The Amazing Spider-Man:

I was so, so excited to learn about Gwen, because (I) hadn’t read the comic book growing up, and my experience was with the Sam Raimi movies. . . . I always assumed that Mary Jane was his first love. Now I’ve become so hyper-protective of Gwen, the way she affected Peter and what happened with him and Mary Jane later on. . . . His reaction to Mary Jane is different because of Gwen.

Unique Daily put together a list of 10 actors who made awful Batman villains. One of them is highlighted about.

Batman: Arkham City changed superhero games forever. MTV Splashpage puts that theory to the test with five points.

Forget about caped socks, how about caped pint glasses? GeekAlerts has found these caped pint glasses, which come in Batman and Superman.

Three News New Zealand (via CBM) says Alan Taylor has emerged as the favorite to direct Thor 2.

Seems like Nokia has made a limited edition phone tied to The Dark Knight Rises. Read more about it at Batman News (via CBM).

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