Want to read a slew of positive, negative and funny reactions to The Avengers trailer? What’s the latest costume worn by Henry Cavill in Man of Steel? Is the latest set video to be release from The Dark Knight Rises the best one yet? Could Catwoman kick any more ass in Batman: Year One? Which HBO star was just cast in The The Dark Knight Rises? How does The Amazing Spider-Man look in toy form? Does The Avengers fit into the Joss Whedonverse? And what DC superheros are ready for their Lego close up? Read all of this and much more in today’s massive 100th edition of Superhero Bits!

USA Today exclusively revealed this new toy from The Amazing Spider-Man that appears at New York Comic-Con. 16 points of articulation.

The Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-ray is on the way and Comic Book Movie has an exclusive clip about the creation of the character.

Variety has these exclusive, small images of some brand new DC-themed Lego’s including the first ever Lego incarnation of Superman. 200 will be given away at New York Comic-Con to announce a new collaboration between the companies.

Speaking of Superman, bring him to your drinks with these Superman ice-trays from Entertainment Earth (via Geek Alerts).

Variety is reporting that Rob Brown, currently seen on Treme, has been cast in The Dark Knight Rises.

Movieweb has this exclusive clip from the Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-ray called “The Evolution of the Suit.”

Filmophilia (via Reddit) has a very accurate but very ballsy list of the best and worst use of superpowers in movies. I don’t want to spoil it, but here’s a tease:

The whole point of the Lantern ring is its power to create anything the wearer can imagine. And, throughout the film, we get to see some pretty spectacular stuff, which is fine and dandy….as long as it makes at least some kind of sense. When a helicopter crashes into the middle of a party, the safest way to handle the situation is not to create a racetrack and drive the exploding wreck haphazardly through the entire area.

Inspired by the DC 52, artist Aaron Diaz has redesigned many of the DC characters such as the Justice League above. Head over to The Daily What (via Metafilter) for more. P.S. If we posted this before, my apologies. It’s bound to happen.

Damon Lindelof tweeted that The Avengers trailer was like a Comedy Central roast, hosted by Tony Stark. He then started a hashtag of Avenger roast jokes. #AvengersRoast. Really funny.

Autumn Society member Carlos Lerms whipped up this Avengers fan art in honor of the new trailer. Very cool.

And while Lerms was excited by The Avengers trailer, Cinemablend was not. They give their five reasons why it was kind of a let down. Here’s one I agree with:

There’s a visceral thrill to see Cap and Thor and Iron Man all in the same room, but if you’re not already attached to those characters, it didn’t give you much of a reason to start now. This movie could very well be the premier effort of the modern superhero genre– at least for Marvel superheroes– but this trailer just felt like more of the same.

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