‘Super 8′ Easter Eggs

Abrams has also included a hidden cameo by Amanda Foreman, who appeared in Abrams’ first television series Felicity as Meghan Rotundi, and in Alias as Carrie Bowman. In Star Trek, she appeared very briefly as a crew member on the bridge of the Enterprise. In Super 8, she appears on a Channel 14 television newscast as News Anchor Lydia Connors.

J.J. Abrams’ grandmother’s name is Lillian, and the film’s setting, Lillian, Ohio, is named after her.

Anyone who has ever watched the JJ Abrams’ TED Talk knows that the filmmaker was very close with his grandfather Kelvin, who would bring him to magic shops and bought him the infamous magic box which has remained unopened in the filmmaker’s office. Abrams has attempted to honor the memory of his grandfather by including his name in his movies.

In Lost, Clancy Brown played Kelvin Joe Inman, a character who maintained the Swan station, and was the last known member of the Dharma Initiative.

In Fringe, there is a project called “Kelvin Genetics.”

In Mission Impossible 3, the postcard that Agent Farris sent Ethan Hunt from Berlin is addressed to “H. Kelvin.”

In Star Trek, Kelvin appears on the ship Kirk’s father serves on in the opening sequence – the USS Kelvin.

In Super 8, the name appears as a gas station / convenience store.

JJ Abrams has featured the fictional slush drink Slusho in a bunch of his projects. It first appeated in the JJ Abrams television series Alias. The photo above is from the second episode which aired in October 2001. One will notice that the old logo looks more like the ICEE logo than logo that was revamped for the Cloverfield viral.

While Slusho was made a centerpiece of the viral campaign for the JJ Abrams-produced sci-fi film Cloverfield, it only appeared in the movie on a t-shirt.

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