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The Pollywog

A polliwog is a tadpole, the larva of a frog or toad, but I’m not sure that we’ll see a tadpole in Stranger Things season 2.

The sixth episode of the first season was called “The Monster” and was monster-centric. If I were to guess, I would say that the season 2 episode title might be a reference to the slug-like creatures that Will coughs up at the end of season one, and that can be seen sliming out of Barb’s mouth when we discover her fate in the Upside Down. Remember, the slug creature that Will coughed up is probably on the loose in the Hawkins sewer system. What if it gave birth to more of those things? What if season 2 of Stranger Things is more of an homage to the 1980s creature horror films like Ghoulies, Critters, Munchies, The Gate, and Gremlins?

In addition, a pollywog (spelled with a Y) is a term used to describe a sailor who has never crossed the equator. Maybe not having gone to the Upside Down becomes important in the plot of this season. Maybe Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is the “pollywog” and it’s his turn to go to the Upside Down?

Dr. Brenner from Stranger Things


The Secret Cabin

A secret cabin would be a nice place to hide something or somebody. Perhaps that’s where Eleven is hiding out? I don’t think the Duffer Brothers would make us wait until episode 7 to finally see Eleven again, but you never know.

Stranger Things Eleven 11

The Brain

This might be the most ambiguous title from Stranger Things Season 2. The penultimate episode will very likely set up the final battle where our heroes must once again come face to face with the monsters from the Upside Down. Maybe the brain is a reference to a connected system on the other side? Or maybe it’s a reference to the head of the ultra-secret government operations or their computer system? Maybe it’s a reference to one of our heroes, who must outsmart this season’s monster? Perhaps it’s a reference to Eleven, who must use her now-more-advanced supernatural powers to… do… something.

Stranger Things eleven

The Lost Brother

If this title were the first or second episode of the season, I would read it to mean that Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) goes missing as the inciting incident for this season. But as the title of the last episode of the season, it’s more perplexing. Just as the first season returned a son, maybe Joyce loses another son at the end of the second season? Or maybe it’s about Jonathan reclaiming his brother who has been lost to the Upside Down, even though he returned in physical form at the end of last season. Or maybe “lost” doesn’t mean missing but “gone” as we discover Will’s final fate.

The series has yet to introduce any other brothers (although it sounds like the new character Max will have a brother, Billy). Maybe Eleven has a brother named Ten and this season is partly about the rescue of her sibling? We do expect to learn a bit more about the tests that were conducted on Eleven and the other children that came before (and possibly after her). I wouldn’t be shocked if we were introduced to more kids with powers.

Well there you have it, all my musings and guesses at what the Stranger Things season 2 episode titles might mean. Did I miss anything? Do you have a theory to contribute? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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