Darth Vader spa art

The people at InsideTheMagic snagged some photos during a Celebration panel that featured Rogue One visual effects supervisor John Knoll and production designer Doug Chiang. The pair showed off some unused concept art for the movie, which revealed that Darth Vader came super close to having his own rejuvenating spa on Mustafar.

What color do you think Vader’s bathing suit would be? You might think it’d be black, but what if he really leaned into the whole summer vibe and went with like a bright yellow? Can you imagine Krennic walking up to Vader, who’s standing there wearing only a yellow bathing suit and his mask and nothing else, maybe with a nice fruity drink in his hand? Damn it, Rogue One – look what you’ve deprived us of!

Star Wars LEGO Freemaker

I completely missed the boat on LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, but for those of you who are into the show, StarWars.com has a list of five things they learned about season 2 at its Celebration panel, including a new villainous droid named “MOC.”

Star Wars Vintage Collection logo

So much was going on at the convention, I also missed the video of Hasbro’s announcement that the Vintage Collection of 3 3/4 inch toys is returning to shelves in spring of 2018. Watch it over at JediNews.

Grand Moff Tarkin Star Wars Black Series

ScreenCrush has some good photos of Hasbro’s latest entries into their Star Wars Black Series line of toys, which they unveiled at this year’s Celebration. New additions include Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Thrawn, and Jaina Solo, the first original Expanded Universe character to get her own Black Series toy.

Star Wars Celebration unused Luke and Han Kenner

Bleeding Cool was on hand at the Hasbro panel and snapped a few photos of some old school unused toy designs that never made it to market, including the above look at Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Sweet threads, fellas.

And finally, check out these fantastic photos (via FashionablyGeek) of someone who cosplayed at the convention as a human-sized lightsaber and took amusing photos with Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen. But the video recreating a moment from The Force Awakens on the convention center floor is the best part.

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