star wars nights nhl nba announced an all-star lineup of NHL and NBA teams that are participating in Star Wars theme nights at their respective arenas.  Check out the site for a full list of participating teams and dates, and get pumped for some awesome free swag. Yay sports!

In an impressive display of multitasking talent that us plebeians can only dream of achieving, Daisy Ridley gave an interview to Elle UK while also assembling (okay, attempting to assemble) a Millennium Falcon LEGO set. In the video, Ridley talks about being assertive about her character, her status as a “chegan,” and what kind of lightsaber she’d want to have.

rogue one comic book posted an exclusive peak at the graphic novel adaptation of Rogue One, which will be released on December 12 by IDW. Check out the site for a look at the first few pages of the graphic novel, featuring distinctive Disney animation style illustrations.

Regal Robot, a company that designs and produces Star Wars furniture and decor, opened its doors to Tested for a tour around the workshop. In the video above, Regal Robot founder Tom Spina goes through the extensive process of designing, 3D-printing, molding, and painting these one-of-a-kind artifacts, all of which are officially on my personal wishlist, just in case you were wondering.

Speaking of things I can’t afford, Los Angeles artist Brandon Bird is selling his original “Shadows ’96” oil painting, depicting characters from the Shadows of the Empire multimedia extravaganza, now relegated to the EU. The unique piece can be found here, on Bird’s website.

empire magazine porgs cover

Empire Magazine is back with another Star Wars saga collectible. The January issue of the magazine will feature a whole host of interviews and behind-the-scenes images from the upcoming film and from Star Wars films past. Unfortunately for the masses, this porgtastic cover is offered to Empire subscribers only.

 dave-weitzberg-ilm-768x1024 has a fun interview with ILM’s David Weitzberg, who is lucky enough to be tasked with the responsibility of “blowing stuff up on computers.” Weitzberg started working at ILM as a CGI technician back in 1996, and he received a well-deserved Visual Effects Society nomination for the bombastic opening sequence in Revenge of the Sith. Read the full interview over at the link above.

Luke Skywalker himself is imploring fans to keep the secrets when it comes to spoilers for The Last Jedi. Do or do not, there is no try!

star wars the last jedi

In a rather dismal year for the box office, The Last Jedi is projected to bring in at least $200 million domestically over opening weekend. MovieWeb has the details on how the latest Star Wars installment will hopefully leave stock prices for theater chains off on a high note.

Fire up your hyperdrives, Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser posters are already adorning theaters!

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