Disneyland After Dark offers adults the opportunity to pretend they’re actually adults by planning a trip to Disneyland after their kids’ bedtimes. This year, to mark the celebration of May the Fourth (which should honestly just be a national holiday at this point), Disneyland After Dark is presenting Star Wars Nite on the evening of May 3, where guests will have the opportunity to experience the new “March of the First Order,” meet Rey at the Star Wars Launch Bay, and more. Additional info can be found on StarWars.com.

He may come from Star Wars royalty, but Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle director Jake Kasdan – son of longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan – has no interest in taking the director’s chair for that other iconic franchise. Speaking with Business Insider, the younger Kasdan said he’d rather just remain a huge fan. “There’s a part of me that feels like you relinquish that when you step behind the curtain,” he explained. “I love the rooting position I’ve been in with the ones that my dad and now my brother [Jon Kasdan] have worked on. It’s a really exciting thing to be near, without the pressure and anxiety of carrying it.”

StarWars.com ran an absolutely delightful interview with puppeteer Brian Herring, who was edited out of every single scene he appeared in – and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. As a puppeteer, Herring is responsible for pulling the (more technologically advanced) strings behind BB-8 in The Force Awakens and some Porgs in The Last Jedi. In the interview, Harring talked about working closely with creature shop maestro Neal Scanlan, how he breathes life into the beloved BB-8, and how one teacher’s assessment that his obsession with Star Wars would lead him nowhere has been proven very false indeed.

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Syfy Wire has another wonderful interview with an integral member of the Last Jedi crew, this one with Visual Effects Supervisor Ben Morris. Morris also grew up an enormous Star Wars fan, and he talked to Syfy about space battles, an extended Fathiers sequence, and much more.

A recent Star Wars Explained video makes a compelling case for selling all of your unnecessary organs in an effort to afford keeping up with the constant influx of fabulous Star Wars comics. The video above features the “Ashes of Jedha” arc, which depicts Luke, Leia, and Han learning about the sacrifices made by Jyn Erso and co. during Rogue One, as the trio moves forward after the Rebellion’s big victory.

Congratulations to author Jason Fry, whose novelization of The Last Jedi debuted at number two on the New York Times best sellers list! Fry tweeted about his excitement and delivered a mini Academy Awards speech in the process. I’m always here for more Star Wars content!

The international posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story have been unveiled and they are real pretty. I’m totally digging the bright, playful color palette for these posters. Hopefully the film will have that spark as well.

Promoting the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Last Jedi, the Star Wars Twitter account posted an emotional clip of Mark Hamill’s final day on the Millennium Falcon. No, I am most definitely not tearing up. So, who’s that cute space pup?

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