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You mentioned still writing the finale of the second season. How far into this production is the second season?

Yeah. It’s pretty far in. You know, as we were finishing the animation, maybe about halfway through the first season, we were already breaking story and developing the scripts for the second season. So we were pretty far ahead in terms of development creatively. The animators are so fast at this. Asking me how far along we are is funny because there are so many iterations of each episode. So there’s an animatic, there’s a colored animatic, then it goes through these different stages.

In terms of completed episodes, I don’t really know actually. Even in some ways I’ve lost track because I’m watching animatics all the time that to me are almost… I watch probably more animatics than I do final versions until they actually are released because by final version I don’t have any input anymore, it’s done. So we’re pretty far in and script wise, which is my biggest domain… Like I say, I’m finishing the final episode.

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You talked a lot today about the working with the story group. And that seems like it’s probably easy when you’re creating characters like Kanan and Ezra, but when you bring in Yoda or you bring in Obi Wan Kenobi or Lando, that seems like it might be a little more complicated.

It’s more complicated in that when you create a new character, you create their back story and you have total control. You can change anything as it fits the story, especially at the beginning of creating a character. Versus these characters that have a rich, dense history and mythology that you wanna be respectful to. But the people that are working on this show know a ton about Star Wars. So it’s not like you have to educate them into who Lando Calrissian or Darth Vader is. They know the history and legacy as well as anyone. And we do have the secret weapon of Pablo Hidalgo, who’s like, you know, knows more about Star Wars than anybody.

Yeah, he’s the encyclopedia.

Yeah, I think he knows more about it than like the Wookieepedia. I think that guy has a strange sort of power to just retain all that information. Forgetting about even digesting it, which he does. Like just the retention of it is insane. So he’s great.

There are moments when we definitely cross lines and Pablo will reel us back and say, “No, no, no.” And then the story group there are sometimes where we cross lines that maybe will be in conflict with the movie development. And then they reel us back. So it’s this sort of push and pull, but more often than not, the instincts of the writers on this particular show are kind of a shared instinct that line up with the movies as we know them.

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Dave [Filoni] said you don’t know how long the show could go. And you said we don’t know exactly how it’s going to end. But can you expand on that? Do you guys have an idea of where you want these characters to end up? I mean, obviously the Jedi in particular are very important because we don’t see many Jedi in the trilogy. But how developed is the end game?

It’s developed from a character perspective. Meaning it’s not developed from a story perspective. We know where we want the characters to end up, where we want them to mature into. Sort of how we want them to either continue or end their lives. Past the show. But we don’t know what story’s gonna take them there. We certainly haven’t broken that yet ’cause we don’t know truthfully how many seasons it will be. We will go as many seasons as it feels fresh to us and to an audience.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 starts on June 20, and continues in the Fall.

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