Infinity War Runtime

What can you say about the reunion with Cap? How’d that go?

Stan: It went by fast. It felt pretty natural. We weren’t milking the moment or anything. It is what it is. I think the urgency of the circumstance that we find ourselves in kind of makes things go a little bit quicker.

What about bringing the other characters of the Marvel Universe together? You said you’ve only read ten pages so far, but are you looking forward to interacting with any characters or groups?

Stan: I don’t know. I’m sure it’s going to be challenging for sure because there’s so many different tones to these films and that all of these characters carry. So I think it’ll be interesting to see how tonally everybody fits into the same world. You’ve shot already some, right?

Mackie: Yeah. The great thing is that tonally, how the movie’s working now everyone – it’s not like you see one person who is the lead of the movie. It’s truly and ensemble movie. I would say if anybody is the lead of the movie, it’s Thanos. And it’s all of us working around, orbiting Thanos because he’s such a big bad guy. He’s the uber bad guy. He’s the worst bad guy of all bad guys of all time. So you can’t like put them in three scenes down, then a fight scene at the end. You really have to give them just due. So, our relationship and our scenes are more ensemble based. Everybody playing with a relationship with each other.

What are you characters’ reactions to seeing something like a talking raccoon?

Stan: As usual, I question my own stability, mentally, and wonder whether or not I should have just stayed asleep. Things clearly did not get better.

Mackie: They did not work out well!

They’ve told us that for secrecy’s sake you’ve been getting script pages the day of. So what’s it like building the arc of a character when you don’t necessarily know what the scenes are going to be?

Mackie: We have an outline. We have an overall idea of what the movie is. The Russos come to us and tell us where we are in the movie. You know for an actor, the most important thing is where you’re coming from and where you’re going, to explain what you’re doing in that scene. So they always give us that information.

Stan: There’s also trust. We’ve been with these characters so long, I feel like they trust us. It’s not like you’re showing up to all new material. You come to it with a history, and that’s part of it also.

How does the Russos’ set differ? 

Mackie: Anthony Russo’s got health. Dropped a few pounds. Started riding motorcycles, mid-life crisis.

Stan; Is he really riding motorcycles now?

Mackie: Yeah, he’s riding bikes. It’s crazy. I don’t know. But. You know the great thing about their style of directing is it’s really actor-first. It’s really supportive of your craft and your process, and what you bring to the characters. The best thing about working with Marvel is they know what everyone does well, and what you don’t do well. So they put you around people who do well, what you don’t do well. So they put us in a position to win, every single time with every single scene. And Markus and McFeely work in that same vein. They know how to get the beats between the two of us. They know how to get to be between him and Cap. They know how to work Black Panther into it, and all of our newfound surprise, arriving here in Wakanda. So all of that works in there.

Thanos is the main character, with all you guys circling around him. The Russos said that every character has to have an arc, their own journey to go on. How do you feel about your character’s journey’s throughout this film?

Stan: It feels good. It’s certainly been a lot more of a stable situation for my guy, from what we’ve been used to and stuff. It’s interesting, I’m really still discovering him. You can’t just turn a hard right and everything’s great. I’m still finding it to be honest.

Mackie: The thing for me is that continuous line, being a supporter of Cap and where he is in his journey. I kind of enjoy being along for the ride, step-by-step. You know when I first met the Avengers I was like, ‘Holy shit. If the Avengers need me, I’m there!’ You know it’s just been ridiculous moment after ridiculous moment for me. So you know when I walk up and see a talking raccoon, it’s just a ridiculous moment leading to the next ridiculous thing. You know, so it’s always just a fun journey.

What’s it been like tackling so many new locations?

Stan: We’re right back where the tarmac was from. Yes. So it’s like real strange. The heat is still here. Same old faces, some new ones. I like Atlanta. I mean I didn’t got to Scotland. I heard you guys–

Mackie: Tore it up. Scotland will never be the same.

Stan: Two weeks of night shoots.

Mackie: It was murder. We blew it up.

Can you talk about filming in Scotland?

Mackie: It was great. People in Scotland liked to drink a lot. It was great. It was actually a lot of fun. People were very supportive, very helpful and really left us alone. I found that so surprising. Even in Atlanta, if you try to shoot this movie downtown, there’s going to be someone who’s going to bother you. The people of Scotland are just like just don’t like my pub, and we’re good. It was dope. We had a very good time.

Is that where Falcon was hiding out? 

Mackie: [Laughs] Nope.

I feel like Falcon might stick out in Scotland. 

Mackie: A little bit. Believe me, everywhere I went, everybody knew where I was. Everywhere I went…Just like Where’s Waldo. With me it’s ‘Where’s Brother’.

Can you talk about how the team of the Avengers is seen? How do people feel about the Avengers when they take on this global threat?

Stan: I don’t think they feel too bad, considering what they’re seeing. Maybe for some people, you pick the least worse situation…Avengers are always going to stand for more good than something negative.

Mackie: And where we were in Civil War, we didn’t have the best moral support from the people because we were dropping cities on their babies. But now, people are starting to rally around this again.

Is there a lot of destruction on Earth? Is that what people are scared of?

Mackie: Dude, did you see Civil War? I didn’t see it. I heard it’s pretty good. The black dude is great.

Stan: Chadwick was pretty fantastic.

Mackie: That’s what I heard. That’s what I heard! I heard he was pretty good.

Stan: This is also planets and universes and stuff, so it’s more than just this planet.

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