Robert Zemeckis has spent most of the past decade working on mo-cap animated films, but now that he’s back in the live-action realm he’s wasting no time snapping up new projects. As his next film Flight prepares to land in theaters, he’s circling a couple of projects including the Ghostbusters-esque Charles Fort. He’s also said to be eyeing Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw, based on the true story of the teenaged Barefoot Bandit. More details after the jump.

The project was originally set up at Fox with David Gordon Green, but the filmmaker quietly dropped out to focus on his Suspiria remake instead. According to THR, Zemeckis is only signed on to develop at the moment, but is eyeing the project as a potential directing vehicle. At present, he’s waiting on Milk writer Dustin Lance Black to turn in the latest draft of the screenplay. Black is adapting from a forthcoming book by Bob Friel.

The Barefoot Bandit, whose real name is Colton Harris-Moore, earned his nickname for committing some of his crimes without shoes. In one case, he even left behind chalk drawings of footprints and the word “Cya” after a theft in the Bahamas. Over the course of about two years, he was involved in approximately 100 thefts, of bikes, cars, boats, and even small aircrafts, and developed a following as a modern-day folk hero. Harris-Moore was captured in 2010, and was sentenced earlier this year to six and a half years in prison.

Harris-Moore’s story, which has been compared to the fact-based movie Catch Me If You Can, seems tailor-made for a big-screen adaptation. While Taking Flight is a bit unusual for Zemeckis, who generally tends toward more family-friendly projects, we’re just excited to see the director tackling interesting projects that don’t involve Uncanny Valley mo-cap.

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