The Wardrobe of Walter White (header)

If clothes make the man, as the saying goes, then what kind of clothes does it take to create a brilliant monster like Walter White? Brooklyn artist Nathan Peters has the answer in The Wardrobe of Walter White, a comprehensive collection of illustrations depicting every single outfit Walt ever wore in five season of Breaking Bad. Check it out after the jump.

Peters posted the picture below on his blog (via Laughing Squid), where you can also get a closer look at the outfits by season, or check out higher-res versions of certain outfits. The uniformity of the sizing and poses makes this just perfect if you happen to have a naked Walter White paper doll that needs clothing.

While Peters gets credit for his impeccable artwork, the Breaking Bad crew deserves a mention for devising these outfits to begin with. Kathleen Detoro served as the show’s costume designer for the first four seasons, before Jennifer L. Bryan took over in the final season.

The Wardrobe of Walter White

As you can see, Walt’s has a clearly defined (if terribly bland) personal style, and it doesn’t change much between Seasons 1 and 5. But he does gradually pick up bolder, deeper shades, in contrast to the oatmeal-colored outfits he favors in early Season 1. “Walt got darker colors because his character gets, as we’ve noticed, darker,” said Bryan in an interview last year.

That change in tone has not gone unnoticed by fans, many of whom have devised “color theories” breaking down the significance of various hues on the show. Even casual viewers couldn’t help but worry, for example, when Marie started ditching her signature purple in favor of somber black.

For another look at the various costumes of Breaking Bad, including those worn by some of the flashier characters (looking at you, Saul Goodman), AMC has a fun slideshow with Detoro’s comments on the characters’ wardrobes. You might be surprised to learn how the Heisenberg hat really came to be.

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