Point Break remake Bodhi

Gerard Butler recently bailed on getting back into surfing gear for a big remake performance; now the new Point Break remake Bodhi will be Édgar Ramírez. He’ll be the new version of the muscular surfer dude who is also a self-styled Robin Hood-like bank robber. (And in fact, it seems like this version won’t be so focused on surfing, anyway.) The swap happened because, as Gerard Butler’s commitment to the Olympus Has Fallen sequel loomed, he decided not to get in the water for the action re-do.

Now Ramírez will provide the most compelling argument to date for paying attention to the remake, as he’s one of the better guys working right now. Along with his casting, a late summer release has been set for the film in 2015.

Variety broke the news, but a press release has more info. That release describes the remake — sorry, the re-creation — thusly:

The re-creation is set in the world of international heists and extreme sports, and like the original involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring.

Édgar Ramírez will take on the role originally played by Patrick Swayze in Kathryn Bigelow’s film. This remake will be directed by Ericson Core (Invincible) from a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Salt, Law Abiding Citizen).

Alcon Entertainment principles Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove said in a statement, “We consider Edgar one of the finest actors in the world today and we are thrilled he will be creating a fresh new take on the iconic character of Bodhi.”

Warner Bros. will release the film next year; Point Break will shoot within the next couple months. You’ve seen Ramírez in Carlos (hopefully!) and in films like Wrath of the Titans and Zero Dark Thirty. He just wrapped Hands of Stone, the Roberto Duran biopic in which he plays the title character, also with Robert DeNiro.

Warner Bros. will release Point Break on August 7, 2015.

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