Beavis and Butthead

PETER: Looking at your IMDb credits, I notice that you did some voice work for Beavis and Butthead.

PEYTON: I did.

PETER: So I have to ask what’s the story behind that?

PEYTON: I went to college at the University of North Carolina with John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky who they worked on Beavis and Butthead, they worked on King of the Hill and they were doing the sort of rebooted Beavis and Butthead. And said, hey, you wanna come do voices? I had done some voices and stuff. And we had a comedy troop in college and I’d worked with those guys. So it became, it came about in a very roundabout fashion. Yeah, it’s probably one of the more obscure things on my resume.

PETER: That’s a cool thing to have on your resume though. One last question.


Back to the Future

PETER: Are you gonna have any involvement in the Back to the Future 30th festivities?

PEYTON: Yeah, there’s a couple of books that are coming out. One is just about to come out. It’s called We Don’t Need Roads by a guy named Caseen Gaines. He interviewed me for that. And there’s another book as well that’s coming out. And I yeah, I have a very weird association. Like for a time I was kind of the go to Back to the Future ancillary guy. I’d worked on the behind the scenes on Back to the Future II and directed the documentary for Back to the Future III. And directed the live action portions of the first season of the animated series. And co-wrote the Back to the Future ride at Universal. And needless to say, I am a huge Back to the Future fan. As is Kevin Feige. It was one of the things that we bonded. And weirdly…

PETER: He has a Marty McFly jacket.

PEYTON: Oh yeah.

PETER: I’ve talked to him about it.

PEYTON: Oh yeah, he’s a huge fan. And we actually talked about that movie a lot in regards to Ant-Man about blending science fiction and action and comedy. And also the idea of a movie that starts slower and is setting up all these elements and then it takes off and answers all those questions. That was a big sort of tunnel touchstone for us.

PETER: Okay, well I think they’re pulling me away. I wanna say thank you very much.

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