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Header Photo: This micro Lego Millennium Falcon is quite cute

The 30 Highest Grossing Indies of 2014 (A Running List)

The Tried-and-True Formula for Real Disney Magic

Arcade 1978 by Christian Slade

Arcade 1978 by Christian Slade

HFR, IMAX, 3D, Atmos, D-Box. Making sense of all the theatrical formats for The Battle of the Five Armies

10 Best Dumb and Dumber‘ Callbacks in the Sequel

Hagridbacca, Ron Solo and Darth Snapes [Artwork by James Hance]

Hagridbacca, Ron Solo and Darth Snapes [Artwork by James Hance]

Interstellar: Good Space Film, Bad Climate-Change Parable

Fact-Checking the Film: ‘Foxcatcher

Cloud City Departure by William Silvers

Cloud City Departure by William Silvers

The Monoliths Have Faces: Interstellar Answers 2001: A Space Odyssey

Glen A. Larson, Prolific TV Producer of ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Magnum, P.I., ‘Quincy,’ Dies at 77

Honest Trailers – The Little Mermaid (feat. AVbyte)

Comrades in arms: why big-screen bad guys are always Russian

HowTheory of Everything’ Screenwriter (Finally) Convinced Stephen Hawking’s Ex-Wife to Let Him Adapt Her Memoir


Store Your Information In Serenity’s Virtual Cargo Holds With This Flash Drive

Why Christopher Nolan Is Cinema’s Reigning Rationalist

How a group of Pixar employees created gaming’s hottest startup

Allison Williams helps Jimmy Fallon fly like Peter Pan

11 Star Wars Titles Better Than The Force Awakens

Someone Paid Over $1,500 For One Of The Excavated Atari Cartridges

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