Megatron Fig Comes With Purchase of Shoes (Or Vice Versa)

Tom Cruise Wants To Reunite With Jack Nicholson For El Presidente

Supercut of 123 Actors Saying ‘Look at me!’ in 120 Seconds

24‘ return casts infamous hacker character

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty poster

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty poster

Bill Murray Joins HBO Mini ‘Olive Kitteridge

Chris Hardwick Ended This Week’s ‘Talking DeadWith A Message For His Father, Who Died The Day Before

Mick Jagger-Produced James Brown Biopic Casts Its Mick Jagger

1.21 Stitches t-shirt

1.21 Stitches t-shirt

Diablo Cody on Britney, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Other 1998 Pop-Culture Moments

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