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I Find Your Lack of Caffeine Disturbing

I Find Your Lack of Caffeine Disturbing!

Kickstart This: Spielbergian Time Travel Comedy ‘Double Trouble

Anti-War Short “Mickey Mouse in VietnamResurfaces Online

Gene Wilder slams Tim Burton‘s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as an insult ” “It’s just some people sitting around thinking: ‘How can we make some more money?'”

The Hobbit Scrabble Board Game

The Hobbit Scrabble Board Game

Darth Vader to Homer Simpson: 20 of Hollywood’s Worst Dads

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Undergoes an 1980s Style Training Montage

Here’s Why You Probably Hated ‘The Purge‘ (explaining the poor CinemaScore)

Jabba the Hutt Cookies

Jabba the Hutt Cookies

Gary Oldman Eyeing Ralph Fiennes & Benedict Cumberbatch For His Sophomore Directorial Effort ‘Flying Horse

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