Matt Groening's Mother's Obit Reads Like a Who's Who of Springfield

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Header Photo: Matt Groening‘s Mother’s Obit Reads Like a Who’s Who of Springfield

Solving Equation of a Hit Film Script, With Data

Michael Bay Should’ve Stayed in the 90s


Insane Insane Insane Lord Of The Rings Battle Of Helm’s Deep Recreated w/ 150,000 LEGO Bricks, 1,700 Minifigs

Drunk Man Assaults Stormtrooper, Ghostbuster On Free Comic Book Day, Gets Tased, Arrested By Police

How to Get Subtitles On Your Digital Movies

Which Type of Geek Are You?

Which Type of Geek Are You?

Vinny Chase and a weaponized hat: 9 alternate-universe takes on The Great Gatsby

Pixarian Profile: Mark Andrews

Nightmare on Elm Street Nike Sneakers

Nightmare on Elm Street Nike Sneakers

Marlon Wayans’ ‘Haunted House’ Gets Release Date

Why Being a Writer for ‘Game of Thrones‘ Must Suck

‘House Of Cards’ Kristen Connolly Joins Adaptation Of King Novella ‘Good Marriage



David Slade to Direct Thriller ‘The Widow

The Film ‘DriveWith a Retro Sega Genesis Style Title Screen

Revolutionary New Screenwriting Software Able to Write Screenplay on Its Own

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