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Header Photo: Star Wars Scenes Reproduced In Cake

Box Office: ‘Die Hardtracking $50 million and up

5 Films That Make Me Glad I’m Single

Harry Potter Goes Hollywood, Gets a Facelift

The 7 Greatest Bromances in Space

The Early Gems: Notable Performances From 2013’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nominees

The Walking Dead Logo Bookends

Steven Spielberg‘s 25 greatest movies to date – 1974 to 2012

8 Romanceless Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Valentine’s Day

The Fifth Element poster by David Welker

Six actual films that sound like Die Hard sequels

Sad George Lucas

The Signs of the Simpsons

Sam Smyth’s Before Sunrise / Before Sunset posters

6 Star Wars Book Villains Who Deserve Big Screen Love

Harlem Shake v3 – Star Wars Edition

Which makes more money: Apple Stores or Disney Parks and Resorts? The answer may surprise you.

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