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Header Photo: How to Piss Off Your Nerdy Friends: Fandom Edition [Comic]

The Offbeat Charm of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is an Antidote to ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons

The 25 Differences Between ‘Alex Cross’: Book and Movie

Star Trek fans tie the knot at “Klingon wedding”

Kickstart This: Horror/Heist Project ‘Zombie Bank‘ by Mike De Caro

The 7 Most Hellish Haunted Houses on Film

How many characters can you identify in this massive original Star Trek poster?

Who is Robbie? HowParanormal Activity 4? Adds to a Franchise That’s Already Fun for Puzzle Lovers

Is Being a Great Reader Enough to Become a (Good) Producer?

UK poster for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi.

8 Alleged Resting Places of the Ark of the Covenant

Mermaids added to Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom

Christina Hendricks Loves It When You Dress As Joan for Halloween

The Poster for Warm Bodies

15 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

Epic Canine Jedi Battle

It Looks Like Benicio Del Toro Is In Terrence Malick‘s Untitled Movie Now Too

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