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Header Photo: One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor

Mahalo, Mofos!: The ‘BattleshipDrinking Game

Green Mile‘ Director Frank Darabont Remembers Michael Clarke Duncan

Hogwarts Honor Student Car Decal

The 25 Worst Opening Weekends of All Time

Up/Birds double feature poster by Derek Chatwood (via)

Why the “Married Life Montage” in Pixar’s “Up” Makes People Cry

Switched On: The Old Adventures of New 3D

Craig Mahoney‘s painting “Who Ya Gonna Call When You’ve Got Red On Your Boomstick?”

Hollywood can’t figure out Ghostbusters 3, so a fan decided to write an outline for the movie himself, supposedly addressing many of the rumored issues.

The poster for Butter

Should Movie Theaters Charge Less For Flops?

What if Hermione, Katniss, Michonne and Buffy lived together? Presenting BAMF Girls Club

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Returns To New York’s Discovery Times Square This Holiday Season

See Sixteen Pee-wee’s Playhouse Character Sketches From the New Movie Beauty Is Embarrassing

James Bond Documentary Everything or Nothing Coming Oct. 5

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