massgrfx has created a series of illustrations titled “Girls in their undies vs. Zombies.”

Moneyball will open the 13th Mumbai Film Festival.

Check out The Parker Brothers’ custom all-electric model Tron: Legacy Light Cycle replica in action.

Moviefone lists 10 Redheaded Actors Who Shouldn’t Be Discriminated by the World’s Biggest Sperm Bank.

“Save Ferris” Star Was/Ferris Bueller mash-up t-shirt.

CinemaBlend lists Five Movie Characters I Want Protecting My House In A Straw Dogs Situation

Watch Darth Vader’s ceremonial first pitch at the Oakland A’s Star Wars Night.

WhatCulture lists 10 Greatest British Ensembles In Film History

“Jack Torrance’s Redrum” t-shirt.

Uprozz lists the 15 Best Singing Performances In Non-Musical Films.

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